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Dinosaur Island (X-Treme Edition) Big Box

Take your dinosaur park to the next level with the Dinosaur Island Big Box! This is a unique storage solution which allows you to store both the base game AND the Totally Liquid expansion in one box using both lids! Check out our video showcasing the entire insert here.


Note: You will only need to use the lids of both boxes without any additional modifications. This solution was tested with the X-Treme Edition but it will also fit the Deluxe Edition with about 5mm of space inside the box.


For the Duelosaur Island insert, click here.



  • 20 trays (all removable!) and a large 'inner box sleeve'
  • 2 tray with lids for pink Dino meeples and blue Water Dino meeples with a graphical cut-out window
  • 2 Coin trays - one for each end of the table
  • 2 Card trays with adjustable dividers to separate all cards - supports premium sleeves!
  • 2 trays for all Expansion Modules - one compartment per module
  • 2 Dice trays - one for the base game dice and another for the expansion dice
  • 1 tray for Paddock tiles
  • 1 tray for Lab Upgrade and Attraction tiles
  • 1 tray for Dinosaur Recipe tiles - one compartment for each type
  • 1 tray for Visitor meeples separated by type
  • 6 player-specific trays - one for each colour plus an additional spare tray




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