Rising Sun: Retail Expansion

Gain honor, defeat your enemies and call upon the ancient Kami with our epic Rising Sun insert! This insert option is only for the Retail expansion game components i.e. Dynasty Invasion, Kami Unbound and Monster Pack. All these additional Retail components will fit into the Dynasty Invasion box, so you only need 1 box instead of 3!


Note: This is only for the Retail expansions. For the Core insert only, please click here. For the full Kickstarter insert (Daimyo pledge), please click here.


This insert contains 7 removable trays and supports premium-sleeved cards. Total insert weight is only 180g (0.40 lbs).


Note: The box lid is raised by 1.3 inches (3.3 cm).



  • 2 removable clan trays - All components for 1 clan in a single tray. 2 different sized slots (top and bottom) for a snug fit for all figures. Separate compartment for clan-specific tokens e.g. rings, Strongholds, Alliance tokens etc. Exact same dimensions as Core box clan trays and therefore interchangeable.

  • 1 removable tray for Monster Pack miniatures - cut-out graphic also serves as a handle for easy access!

  • 1 removable tray for Kami Unbound miniatures

  • 1 removable tray for Lucky Gods with a removable card (premium sleeves) tray

  • 1 removable cards tray for all Monster Pack and Kami Unbound cards (supports premium sleeves)

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