Terms and Conditions

Actual organizers may vary from the images shown in this website  due to variations in material and continual design updates and improvements.

Our organizers (when designed to fit sleeved cards) are designed and tested to fit premium Swan Panasia sleeves with measurements corresponding to those recommended on https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/164572/card-sleeve-sizes-games. We do not guarantee that cards with other sleeves or laminated cards will be able to fit into the organizer.

Unless specified, our organizers are unable to fit expansions or third party components or tokens. 

All our board game organizers are 3rd party non-licensed products and all trademarks and copyrights of the board games are properties of their respective owners.

Our organizers are only designed to fit the standard game box and components (according to edition when specified). We are unable to guarantee that the organizer will fit unofficial versions of the game.

Board game organizers are only able to fit items that may physically fit into the box. Please note we are unable to bend space and time. We are also, unfortunately, unable to break the laws of physics nor defy gravity.


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